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The website and web app are protected by French and international copyright and intellectual property laws. Graphics, images, text, video, logos and icons are the exclusive property of the company "Expert Alliance" or are the subject of an authorization for use. The reproduction, depiction, transfer, distribution or recording of all or part of these elements is formally prohibited without the company's express authorization.

Personal Data Protection :

​In France and the European Union, personal data is protected by the following texts, among others: the Act of 6 January 1978, Article 226-13 of the Penal Code, the European Directive of 24 October 1995. The Act relating to Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties can be found on the website of the French Data Processing and Individual Liberties Commission, at the following address: (in French).

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​Passive Personal Data Collection :

​Some of the personal data saved on our server is that which you voluntarily provide when you fill out the online forms, and some is automatically collected. During your visit, the following data is automatically collected:

  • IP address: an IP address is assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider to enable you to access the internet. This address is generally considered to be non-personally-identifiable information, as it changes each time you connect.

  • Your user ID when you visit sections for which access is restricted.

  • The address of the website from which you directly connected to the website

  • The date and time of your visit to the website and the pages you viewed.

  • Your computer's operating system and web browser.

Use of the data collected : 

​The company will only use the data collected to respond to queries by users of the website, to satisfy requirements for email programs and to inform users of the latest news or new services on the website, if the user expressly authorizes this. The company will only use personal data for the purposes told to you when you provided it. The personal data you provided, or that resulting from your visit to the website, is reserved for strictly internal use, and will not be used for any commercial purposes or shared with any third parties for commercial purposes or commercial prospecting purposes.

Access to personal data :

​In order to make use of the personalization functions, you will be asked to provide personal information (name, address, email address). You have the right to refuse to provide this information. However, you may be prevented from accessing certain functions or receiving the requested information. In accordance with French Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to Data Processing, Data Files and Personal Freedoms, you may, upon request and at any time, request that the personal data you provided be modified. If you wish to access, modify, rectify or delete your personal data, please send your request by mail to Expert Alliance, 3bis rue d'Arsonval - 75015 Paris - France. The company reserves the right to modify the rules of operation of the website, as described above, at any time.

Personal Data Protection Policy :

​In addition to compliance with the law (General Data Protection Regulation, implemented on 25/05/2018), EXPERT ALLIANCE undertakes to process and protect your personal data in an ethical, professional and transparent manner, in the context of a balanced relationship based on trust. We attach great importance to privacy.


This data includes the information contained in your CV and motivation letter (such as your name, contact information, positions and skills) as well as information collected through forms you may fill out online, or evaluations such as personality quizzes.


Purposes : 

In order to apply for one of our offers, we will ask you to provide, through a form or email, your personal information, contact information, professional experience, educational background, skills, qualifications and job preferences. 


By applying through our website, you authorize EXPERT ALLIANCE to access your personal information, and you agree to be contacted in order to be informed of one or multiple job offers that fit your profile and that may interest you. These offers may be different from the initial offer you responded to.


Your application may be spontaneous, and as such, we offer to save your personal data in order to contact you with the offers most suited to your profile.

More generally, as a recruitment and headhunting agency, EXPERT ALLIANCE may contact you to inform you of job offers that fit your profile and that may interest you.


Recruiting through the EXPERT ALLIANCE firm takes place as follows :

Step 1 : a short phone interview for the purpose of verifying your skills, career plan and geographic mobility, your language skills when required, and your salary expectations. This first step can also present an opportunity for us to answer your questions about the offer to which you applied, or, if we approach you directly, for us to present the offer we had in mind when we initially contacted you.


Step 2 : an interview in our offices or by videoconferencing via a secure platform with the Consultant responsible for recruiting you. This interview may also include a personality quiz, which is itself accessible through a secure platform for which only you and your Consultant will have access to the usernames and passwords.


If you wish to continue the process following these two steps, and if your application is approved by the Firm, you will then meet with the Company that is recruiting, and our Firm will assist you in planning and completing the recruitment process.


We do not share your personal information or CV with the Companies (HR or Operations departments) without your consent. As our Firm regularly makes direct approaches, we may 

identify you via professional social networks (such as LinkedIn), CV banks, our network, participation in events organized by our team of Consultants, etc. As such, we will only collect the information required to make contact (full name, phone number and/or email address). We will not keep your data without your agreement, beyond the legal time limit, and agree to comply with the principles of honest data collection.


Data retention :

In accordance with the law, our Firm will keep your data for 24 months following your consent. Given our Firm's specialization in the agri-food sector, we would like to call your attention to the importance of regular contact with our team. We want to be able to assist you throughout your career, and as such, it is important to us that we be able to keep a trace of our communications.


We shall take the liberty of contacting you before the 24-month data retention anniversary date to invite you to renew your consent and update your data if necessary.


Non-Discrimination :

EXPERT ALLIANCE complies with the professional ethical standards that govern our Consulting and Recruiting profession. As such, we rigorously apply the GDPR, including with regard to non-discrimination. 


We recommend that you only share personal information related to your professional abilities, and more specifically that you refrain from mentioning any information pertaining to your origin, state of health, family circumstances, morals, sexual orientation, political opinions, physical appearance (photographs), trade union activities, belonging or lack of belonging to an ethnic group, a nation or a race, or your religious beliefs.


Data Processing and Individual Liberties :

In accordance with the Data Processing and Individual Liberties Act of 6 January 1978, as amended, and the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016, you have a right to access, share, modify, transfer or delete personal data concerning you. To exercise one of these rights, simply send us an email at the address:  or a letter to the following address: EXPERT ALLIANCE- 3 bis d'Arsonval - 75015 Paris.


Sharing of your personal data :

As a Recruiting and Head-Hunting Firm, we inform you that only our team members will have access to your personal data through our HR information system, which itself complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. We will only share your CV, and therefore your personal data, with the Companies we work for once we have received your written permission to do so.


We may also share your personal data if required by law or by a court decision.


Updating :

You agree to inform us, over the next 24 months, of any changes pertaining to your personal data (name, contact information, geographic location) so that we may modify your profile to reflect them and keep your data up to date.


For your information, applicant data is archived 5 years after last contact, and then, provided no contact or assignment is subsequently made, deleted after an additional 12 months.


Security :

We do everything within our power to ensure the security of your personal data. In that respect, our hosting company is located in France, itself complies with the GDPR laws, and offers a proven information security solution.


Your Applicant commitment: When you apply to our Firm, you agree to provide accurate information, with regard to both your professional experience and your diplomas and skills. Please be aware that we verify all of this information during our recruitment assignments.